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The unique position of Bizzcontrol

Designed for accountants

How do you remain competetive in the changing accountancy landscape? In the future, will your clients be willing to pay for the services you offer today? These are questions that concern every forward-thinking accountant today.
Bizzcontrol offers an accessible solution that enables today's accountant to evolve into tomorrow's CFO of the SME ready to create added value for its clients.
The classic accountant only responsible for compiling VAT and financial statements, is an image from the past. Modern accounting is all about supporting and advising clients with real-time data. On top of that, Bizzcontrol offers us a way to make this data visually attractive to our clients.

Tailored to the entrepreneur

You don't make an entrepreneur happy with a balance sheet or income statement. Based on a static financial report it is impossible to give targeted business advice. By using Business Intelligence you navigate with a few clicks to those essential insights that can help the entrepreneur move forward. By setting up a management reporting, you create reports and analyses tailored to your client.
Bizzcontrol gives me an up-to-date overview of my figures. I can intuitively analyze my revenue and costs myself. These insights help me to take accurate decisions faster which grow our business. A must-have for every company!

Focused on proactive advice

Starting from the central dashboard you can monitor the financial status of all your companies and you are informed about abnormal variances. Using Bizzcontrol reporting, you immediately identify the cause of those variances and inform your client about required actions. With Bizzcontrol you can create an accurate budget in minutes, so you can work together with your client towards the future.
Bizzcontrol is a natural shackle in our digital way of working. It creates possibilities for us and our clients to get insights in a visual way. Bizzcontrol is the next step in pro-actively advising our clients.

Accessible to any accounting firm

For the activation of the Bizzcontrol platform you don't have to do anything yourself. We connect directly with your existing accounting software(s), and with one push on the button you activate the full Bizzcontrol reporting per company. Through training and follow-up we guide you in your evolution towards the accountancy firm of tomorrow.
Coupling with Exact Online was easy and fast. The synchronisation make sure you are working with the up-to-date data. With just a few clicks you can show the differences between costs and revenue. This way you can immediately advise your client without unnecessary lookup work.


Bizzcontrol offers real-time access to your financials, which allows you to fully grasp your figures. To help you to really understand the meaning behind these figures, we offer you...
... Bizzlearnings
Short videos in which we explain financial concepts in a very understandable way, especially made for the entrepreneur.
Bizzlearning #1 - Introduction

With Bizzcontrol you get real-time access to your financials. But how should you interpret these figures? In this introduction video, we explain you the purpose behind Bizzlearnings: short videos in which we explain complex financial concepts in an understandable way

Bizzlearning #2 - Balance sheet

Finally understand how a Balance Sheet works! First we explain you the theory in 10 minutes, then we show you a practical example. You’ll understand how a Balance Sheet gets built, step by step.

Bizzlearning #3 - Profit & loss statement

Get insights in your P&L, and understand the relation with your Balance Sheet. With a practical exercise, you’ll build your own Profit & Loss statement!

Bizzlearning #4 - Working capital

Get a good understanding of the concept Working Capital, and learn how to translate this into KPI’s like DSO/DIO/DPO. Ever heard of a Cash Conversion Cycle...? Discover it now!

Bizzlearning #5 - Cash flow

Cash is not the same as EBITDA. Starting from your cash flow statement, you will learn how to go from EBITDA to Cash and discover where cash is lost or where cash is stuck in your business.

About us

Most SME’s have limited insights into their financials. They mainly rely on intermediate reports from their accountant, which are mostly limited to their Balance Sheet and P&L. In a digital world with access to a lot of data and powerful BI software, we believed this could be better...

After more than ten years of experience in Business Finance, IT and corporate sales, the founders combined these worlds to succeed in their mission: making Business Intelligence available for every company

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