Short videos in which we explain financial concepts in a very understandable way, especially made for the entrepreneur.

Bizzlearning #1 - Introduction

With Bizzcontrol you get real-time access to your financials. But how should you interpret these figures? In this introduction video, we explain you the purpose behind Bizzlearnings: short videos in which we explain complex financial concepts in an understandable way

Bizzlearning #2 - Balance sheet

Finally understand how a Balance Sheet works! First we explain you the theory in 10 minutes, then we show you a practical example. You’ll understand how a Balance Sheet gets built, step by step.

Bizzlearning #3 - Profit & loss statement

Get insights in your P&L, and understand the relation with your Balance Sheet. With a practical exercise, you’ll build your own Profit & Loss statement!

Bizzlearning #4 - Working capital

Get a good understanding of the concept Working Capital, and learn how to translate this into KPI’s like DSO/DIO/DPO. Ever heard of a Cash Conversion Cycle...? Discover it now!

Bizzlearning #5 - Cash flow

Cash is not the same as EBITDA. Starting from your cash flow statement, you will learn how to go from EBITDA to Cash and discover where cash is lost or where cash is stuck in your business.